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Figure 1

From: Local change of butterfly species in response to global warming and reforestation in Korea

Figure 1

Abundance change of butterfly species that occurred at both the GN and AM sites. Estimation of the abundance change is described in the text. Values for the GN site are significantly correlated with those of the AM site (r = 0.54, P < < 0.0001), and the line represents the regression line between the values of the two sites. The open rectangles and triangles indicate N and S species respectively, and the solid dots indicate the M species. The species that showed the greatest changes are as follows: 1 Pieris canidia, 2 Pseudozizeeria maha, 3 Argyronome ruslana, 4 Mycalesis francisca, 5 Ussuriana michaelis, 6 Coenonympha hero, 7 Melitaea britomartis, 8 Neptis rivularis, 9 Gonepteryx rhamni, 10 Nymphalis xanthomeles, 11 Coenonympha oedippus, and 12 Sericinus montela.

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