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Figure 2

From: Molecular analysis for investigating dietary habits: genetic screening of prey items in scat and stomach contents of leopard cats Prionailurus bengalensis euptilurus

Figure 2

Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis separation of mtDNA cytochrome b PCR products. (a) PCR products amplified from a genomic DNA template from stomach contents of the leopard cat: eight species mix (M), R. norvegicus (lane 1), T. sibiricus (lane 2), A. agrarius (lane 3), R. nigromaculata (lane 4), M. minutus (lane 5), P. colchicus (lane 6), S. vulgaris (lane 7), and C. shantungensis (lane 8). (b) PCR products amplified from DNA extracted from scat (lanes 1 ~ 5): eight species mix (M), T. pallidus (lane 1, Samcheok), R. norvegicus (lane 2, Samcheok), A. agrarius, M. minutus (lane 3, Gwangju), P. colchicus (lane 4, Gwangju), A. agrarius, R. norvegicus (lane 5, Goheung). a, P. colchicus; b, Sciurus vulgaris; c, T. sibiricus; d, A. agrarius; e, M. minutus; f, R. norvegicus; g, C. shantungensis; h, R. nigromaculata.

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