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Table 1 Species treated in this study with their previously known and newly recorded distribution areas

From: Charipinae fauna (Hymenoptera: Figitidae) from Asia with a description of 11 new species

Species Previously known Newly recorded
A. arcuata Palaearctic and Neotropical Oriental (Thailand, Taiwan)
A. brevis Palaearctic and Neotropical (India, Thailand)
A. castanea Palaearctic and Neotropical Eastern Palaearctic (Japan, Nepal, South Korea)
Oriental (Malaysia, Taiwan)
A. consobrina Cosmopolitan Oriental (India)
A. melanogaster Palaearctic Eastern Palaearctic (Japan)
Oriental (Thailand, Taiwan)
A. obscurata Holarctic Eastern Palaearctic (Japan)
A. pallidicornis Holarctic Eastern Palaearctic (Nepal
A. pleuralis Palaearctic  
A. pusilla Palaearctic Eastern Palaearctic (Japan)
Oriental (Thailand, Taiwan)
A. sawoniewiczi Palaearctic Oriental (Nepal, Thailand, Taiwan)
A. tscheki Palaearctic Eastern Palaearctic (Japan)
A. victrix Cosmopolitan Eastern Palaearctic (Japan)
A. xanthopa Palaearctic Oriental (Nepal)
P. longicornis Palaearctic Oriental (India)
P. stricta Palaearctic Eastern Palaearctic (Japan)
P. villosa Cosmopolitan Oriental (India)
P. xanthochroa Palaearctic Eastern Palaearctic (Japan)