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Figure 2

From: Charipinae fauna (Hymenoptera: Figitidae) from Asia with a description of 11 new species

Figure 2

Antennae of Alloxysta species. (a) female of A. arcuata; (b) female of A. brevis; (c) female of A. castanea; (d) female of A. melanogaster; (e) female of A. obscurata; (f) female of A. pusilla; (g) female of A. sawoniewiczi; (h) female of A. tscheki; (i) female of A. victrix; (j) female of A. consobrina; (k) female of A. pleuralis; (l) female of A. pallidicornis; (m) female of A. xanthopa; (n) female of P. villosa; (o) female of A. longicornis; (p) female of P. stricta; and (q) male of P. xanthochroa.

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