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Table 2 Categories and behavioral acts observed for seven adult individuals of Parastacus brasiliensis in laboratory conditions

From: Assessing the importance of burrows through behavioral observations of Parastacus brasiliensis, a Neotropical burrowing crayfish (Crustacea), in laboratory conditions

Category Act Description Frequency (%)
Immobility Total immobility The animal remains still, without displacement, only occasionally moving its antennae, antennules, maxillipeds, and/or eyestalks. The crayfish can hold its chelipeds either closed and extended forward, or flexed toward the anterior portion of its body, assuming a defensive posture with its abdomen curled 15.24
Partial immobility The animal moves its thoracic and/or abdominal appendages but remains without displacement. The crayfish normally maintains its chelipeds closed and extended forward 16.6
Exploration Walking Using its pereiopods, the individual moves through the aquarium, normally with its chelipeds held forward, parallel to the substrate and open. The antennae move rapidly in all directions 5.78
Climbing In an attempt to flee, the animal tries to climb the aquarium walls using its pereiopods, standing in a vertical position with its telson touching the substrate, sometimes performing tail flips 3.34
Burrowing Burrowing The crayfish turns over the substrate with its chelipeds and moves it backward with the first two pereiopods. It occasionally grasps coarser fragments and carries them out of the burrow, placing them near the entrance with the intent of building a chimney 2.3
Hiding Hidden in the burrow The animal stays hidden inside the burrow, out of the observers' sight 54.92
Foraging Feeding The crayfish uses its chelipeds to cut its food and carry it toward its maxillipeds, and also used its second and third pereiopods in the same way 1.47
Grooming Grooming The animal moves its chelipeds and pereiopods 1 and 2 over its body/antennae/antennules, in an attempt to clean these parts, removing epibionts and detritus 0.35
Total   100