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Table 1 Geographical coordinates, coastal descriptions, proximal rivers, and distance to river mouths, for eight locations on Okinawa Island, Ryukyu Islands, Japan

From: Palythoa zoanthid 'barrens’ in Okinawa: examination of possible environmental causes

Location name Geographical coordinates Coastal description River name and mouth coordinates Distance to river mouth (m)
Oku 26°50′53.16″N, 128°17′14.45″E Rice paddy fields nearby Oku River 26°50′28.92″N, 128°17′31.68″E 1,040
Bise 26°42′39.73″N, 127°52′52.45″E Upwelling current, near paddy fields to north Inoha River 26°39′38.94″N, 127°53′49.46″ E 7,025
Manza 26°30′8.99″N, 127°50′33.91″E Rice paddy fields nearby River from two dams 26°29′56.45″N, 127°51′19.38″E 1,835
Toguchi 26°21′45.92″N, 127°44′12.51″E Built-up residential area Hija River 26°21′45.59″N, 127°44′26.98′E 400
Mizugama 26°21′35.17″N, 127°44′18.88″E Built-up residential area Hija River 26°21′45.59″N, 127°44′26.98″E 390
Sunabe 26°19′53.01″N, 127°44′31.79″E Built-up residential area Small stream 26°20′22.55″N, 127°44′49.74″E 1,125
Convention Center 26°17′4.87″N, 127°44′26.74″E Taro paddy fields nearby Small stream from paddy fields 1,355
Makiminato 26°16′30.40″N, 127°42′51.93″E Adjacent to shrimp aquaculture Minato-gawa River 26°16′15.88″N, 127°42′40.20″E 680