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Figure 2

From: Low phylogeographic structure of Rhinella arunco (Anura: Bufonidae), an endemic amphibian from the Chilean Mediterranean hotspot

Figure 2

Haplotype network of R. arunco sampled at 23 localities and geographic distributions of haplogroups and Geneland genetic groups. (A) Network of the 67 haplotypes (160 individuals) of R. arunco sampled at 23 localities. Each haplotype is represented by a circle, the area of which is proportional to its observed frequency (colors indicated in legend). The number of each haplotype (see Table 2) and the number of mutational steps between haplotypes are indicated. Small gray circles are haplotypes not found but inferred by the Network program. (B) Geographic distributions of haplogroups and the three genetic groups found by the Geneland analysis (I, II, and III, separated by dotted lines).

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