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Figure 1

From: Ariosoma-type Leptocephali (Congridae: Bathymyrinae) in the Mentawai Islands region off western Sumatra, Indonesia

Figure 1

Body forms, gut types, and pigmentation patterns of Indo-Pacific Ariosoma -type leptocephali. The 12 species types collected from western Sumatra were the non-exterillium type with one row of myoseptal pigment, which includes many species likely of the genus Ariosoma, including A. scheelei (sp. 5) (A); exterillium species with one row of myoseptal pigment (B, C), or also with extra spots above and below the midline (B); an exterillium species with two rows of myoseptal pigment (D); exterillium species with three rows of myoseptal pigment (E, F), or also with a large lateral pigment patch (E). Adapted from Ma (2006).

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