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Figure 8

From: Phylogenetic and taxonomic status of the coral Goniopora stokesi and related species (Scleractinia: Poritidae) in Japan based on molecular and morphological data

Figure 8

Results from a principal component analysis of morphometric data from Goniopora spp. Grouping by clades in the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) tree (A) and grouping by morphospecies (B). In A, the group in red represents clade I, the group in black represents clade Ib, and the group in green represents clade II. Numbers are defined as follows; 1, G. stokesi; 2, G. cf. djiboutiensis (clade Ib); 3, G. cf. lobata (Ib); 4, G. pendulus; 5, G. cf. stokesi; 6, G. djiboutiensis; 7, G. cf. djiboutiensis (II); 8, G. lobata; and 9, G. cf. lobata (II). In B, the group in red represents G. stokesi, the group in black represent G. pendulus, the group in green represents G. djiboutiensis, and the group in blue represents G. lobata. Symbols are defined as follows: red triangles, G. cf. stokesi; green circles, G. cf. djiboutiensis; and blue crosses, G. cf. lobata.

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