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Table 1 Intestinal parasites recovered from the feces of Chinese lesser civets

From: Leaf swallowing and parasitic infection of the Chinese lesser civet Viverricula indica in northeastern Taiwan

Species Stage Prevalence (%)
Capillaria sp. Egg 63.9
Toxocara paradoxura Egg 36.6
Ancylostoma sp. Egg 39.8
Strongyloides sp. Larva 36.0
Spirocerca sp. Egg 8.1
Paragonimus sp. Egg 1.3
Trichuris sp. Egg 14.1
Mesocestoides litteratus Egg 1.3
Isospora spp. (felis and reiota) Oocyst 2.9
Cryptosporidium sp. Oocyst N/A
Cyclospora sp. Oocyst N/A
  1. N/A, not applicable.