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Table 2 Orthogonal factors obtained from a principal component analysis using landscape variables at each survey location ( n = 39)

From: Monitoring European wildcat Felis silvestris populations using scat surveys in central Spain: are population trends related to wild rabbit dynamics or to landscape features?

Variable Factor 1 Factor 2
Pastureland cover 0.85a 0.06
Cropland cover −0.95a −0.00
Scrubland cover 0.86a 0.02
Forest cover 0.72a −0.21
Urban cover 0.01 0.99a
Roughness index 0.89a 0.06
Number of watercourses 0.82a 0.01
Eigenvalue 4.366 1.028
Percentage of explained variance 62.37 14.69
  1. aIndicates a significant correlation (p < 0.05) of the original variables with the extracted factor.