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Table 1 Best results from the BIOENV analysis based on Spearman's rank correlations ( r s )

From: Abundance, recruitment, and shell growth of the exotic mussel Limnoperna fortunei in the Río de la Plata (Argentina)

Biological matrix Bagliardi beach Punta Indio
  r s Subset of variables r s Subset of variables
Total individuals 0.385 T 0.684* T, TDS
0.291 T, Cond 0.681* T, TDS,%O
0.255 T, Cond, DO 0.669* pH, T, TDS,%O, DO
Individuals of greater than 1 mm 0.095 pH, T, Cond, TDS 0.138 pH TDS
0.093 Cond 0.131 pH, Cond
0.092 pH, Cond, TDS 0.123 TDS
Individuals of less than 1 mm
0.420 T 0.616* T, TDS,%O
0.333 T, Cond 0.615* T, TDS
  0.279 T, Cond, DO 0.599* T,TDS, DO
  1. Biological and physicochemical variables: pH power of Hydrogen, T temperature, Cond conductivity, TDS total dissolved solids, %O oxygen saturation, and DO dissolved oxygen; *Significant at p ≤ 0.05.